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To My Invisible Readers,

So I’m an English major. I grew up wanting to be a writer. I grew into a Visual! Not to say that I don’t have a knack for it, but writing essays wasn’t really my style. I know some cool words and can read really deeply into specific word choice (especially when we’re talking Medieval Lit (#MiddleEnglishRules), which is all to say that VOICE is really what is neat to me. Well, that and fantastical stories, but don’t worry, I won’t be posting any novels here.

What you’ll get from me here might not be really writer-y like. It might be overly optimistic or gushy, maybe geeky or weird sometimes, but I’m not going to be doing grammar passes or spending hours thinking of the exact right thing to say. You will get impressions, thoughts, the love stories and fun quirks of my AMAZING couples I’ve had the great joy of knowing and of course the IMAGES that drive my creative passion and connect me to the great people of this universe!

Thanks for following along! YAY!




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