Nov 18, 2018

Easy Bay Wedding Photographer: Rob and Bettina’s East Bay Wedding at Chabot SSC

East Bay Wedding Photographer

It was the end of Rob and Bettina’s Wedding in the East Bay and the Telescopes at the Chabot Space and Science Center were only open for another 15 minutes. I went to find Rob and Bettina because no way were they going to miss the Telescopes at their Wedding! Major props to Bettina who climbed the huge ladders to the top of the telescope in her wedding ball gown. Queen of the stars.

Leaving the party for a quick 10 minutes while the dance party got started means these two got to take a quiet moment after the I Dos, the family and the crazy fun going on to look at the big picture. They looked out the panels in the Observatory to a universe much bigger than each of us, but a place that is our home. I felt humbled getting to see an incredible star cluster at the last telescope, reveling in how dang cool it is to see that, how lucky I am to have such sweet and creative couples and ultimately how the vastness of space is really a reminder of how connected we are here on earth. Bettina and Rob, I’m sure glad you found each other and I’m blessed that you found me to be a part of your wedding!

East Bay Wedding Photographer: Vendor Dream Team

Venue: @chabotspace
Catering: @blue_heron_catering
Florals: @angelspetals
Lighting: @verducciep
HMUA: @lavinashahmakeup
DJ: @djmelsf
Plants: @evgfarm

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