Dec 13, 2018

North Bay Engagement Photographer: Marin Headlands Engagement Photos

Huge huge props to these two because when you do Marin Headlands engagement photos, it’s always a little chilly and it certainly is chilly in December. That said, wowza. Sometimes you hit Golden Hour just right and it’s…well…awesomely golden. Scroll to the bottom of this gallery and you will see what I mean. I never miss an opportunity to shoot on a beach. This is why.

Abby and Jack found true love at Dolores Park, which not many can say. It was one of those globe-lines-up-perfectly days. He was nearby and met her at the park. After spending the whole entire day together they just couldn’t wait for the next date. Like couldn’t even wait a week. I love it. Shout out to the modern world that connects us. And here we are at their engagement session.

These two gorgeous, athletic and fun spirited humans came out to shoot engagement photos at the Point Bonita Lighthouse in the Marin Headlands and I am so pumped to shoot their SF City Hall Wedding and Reception in the Presidio!

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