Jan 15, 2019

Carmel Engagement Photographer: Carmel Engagement Photos

Sergey, Monica and I ventured out for their Carmel Engagement Photos on the day sandwiched between two days of heavy rainfall. The forecast was 20%. Big Sur was kind to us and though the lighting was some of the craziest ever, we got some amazing shots featuring double rainbows, cacti, sun showers and the grand beauty of Carmel.  All the props goes to Monica and Sergey who not only came out amidst rain showers, but who also adventured down the Soberanes Canyon trail and across the beach to get these stunning shots.

We started out at the Garrapata State Park trailhead. I had been scouting around and realized I had lost service–as one does in Big Sur–so I popped out from the trail and walked along the road to see if I could pick up a patch of cell reception. They pulled by me probably looking like a very lost hitchhiker holding my phone up to make sure I didn’t miss a text. The one road through Big Sur thing makes it pretty easy (for finding friends at least), so we hit the trails just a few moments later.

I always run through a few pocket poses to ease my couples into shoots. After all, I don’t expect you to be experts in modeling. But can I say I’ve never had a couple nail the “practice shots” as hard as these two. Which was good because it started misting a few minutes in!

Ever trusting and chipper, Monica and Sergey weren’t slowed down at all through the rain! We pulled through and committed to keep going, rewarded with a massive double rainbow. It was CRAZY! Down the trail we met some sun and cactus hills before heading to Carmel State River Beach for some well-deserved champaign and sandy toes as we watched seals and otters play in the water. What an adventure!

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