Jan 2, 2024

Wedding at the Carmel Mission Basilica: Katie and Harry’s Carmel Wedding

Can’t explain how happy I am to have been back editing wedding photos from the Carmel Mission Basilica! This absolutely magical wedding features an Epic grand Exit after the ceremony that I had never done before and just can’t get enough of!

Katie and Harry were a very special and personal couple to me–I went to middle school with Katie and Harry actually went to my (very small) college, Bowdoin! I was so excited to be a part of their carmel wedding at the Mission. I LOVE weddings here–there’s something so classic about the mission and it’s so elegant as well! With their reception of the wedding at MPCC carmel, you really just couldn’t get enough Carmel vibes through the whole day!

If you are thinking of having a Carmel Mission Basilica wedding, look no further for your inspiration on how do do it party style!

Interested in getting married at the Carmel Mission Basilica? Check it out! It really is a special venue and Katie and Harry made the most of it with a Grand Exit and a First look in the courtyard. I’m happy to work with you on your dream way to have your wedding here–there are SO many gorgeous locations to take advantage of!

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