Oct 3, 2018

San Francisco Cliff House Wedding in the Mist

Fefe and Ryan had been engaged for 5 years before they tied the knot at the Cliff House in San Francisco. Makes sense! They are the kindest, most chill couple you’ll ever know and are so close that marrying was really just a chance to celebrate with the fam–a party I’m all about!

One of my favorite tid-bits about Fefe and Ryan was hearing about how they walk home from FiDi together everyday. And have for years! They just so conveniently happen to work close together, even when they changed jobs. I’m literally swooning because I can’t imagine anything sweeter.

But don’t let “sweet” fool you–these two have some fire too. First of all, Ryan…he wore a snazzy suit to our engagement session and pretty much told me it was his “Monday casual.” What a guy. And Fefe? She sang “I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)” and an absolutely gorgeous traditional Chinese ballad…at the wedding…and it was FIRE. That takes pzazz. As an X-A capella singer–got to respect.

So here’s two these two snazzy, pzazzy love birds and making it official!



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