Oct 14, 2018

Groovy Madonna Inn Wedding at the Madonna Inn

Chris and Steph’s Madonna Inn wedding was extra near and dear to me. It’s not every day you have the honor of shooting a friend’s wedding–especially one that you get to follow along the journey from so early on. From the after work bar to being at the bachelorette party to actually shooting The Big Day (and dancing all night long), I have had so much fun celebrating Steph and Chris’ commitment to spending their lives together and am particularly inspired by them.

I’m a believer that we create our own fates, but that somehow everything does happen for a reason and that we choose our destiny based off decisions when different forks in the road are presented to us. Our decisions, the good and bad, all teach us things and lead us to the places we are meant to be.

Something that really stuck with me is when Steph said she didn’t think she would have been ready earlier in her life to be with Chris–until now. We’ve all heard sentiments like this one about the stars aligning and you spend your life searching for the right person yea yea–but those statements never really account for how much you are shaped and how much life happens in that time. For Steph, there’s been heartbreak and of course a whole lot of fun, but also hopelessness and then new hope. It is the most romantic thing to me to see that for all the struggles life throws, it’s preparing you to truly appreciate when you land where you are meant to be–when you find that one person that you never knew your life was drawing you towards.

Chris and Steph get to keep strutting through life, but they get to grow and shape each other now. That’s definitely something to celebrate, and boy did we!

Their wedding, fused with kick-ass outfits, an amazing elements-inspired ceremony and a night full of dancing, was a total BLAST! Peacock theme, feather boutonnieres, a bride fo-hawk updo and hella fun party at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo coming at ya!

Madonna Inn Wedding Gallery:

Dream Team:

Venue: @madonnainn1958
Dress: @winecountrybrideboutique @allurebridals
HMU: @weddingbeautyco
Coordination: @effortlesseventweddings

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