Oct 23, 2018

Smiles for Days: Oakland Engagement Photos at Lake Merritt

So sometimes you barely have to try with a couple. They are just having fun being together. Now as a nerd, I was super excited to get to spend time with Alyssa and Tom for their Oakland engagement photos that we took at Lake Merritt. These two are Comic Con cosplayers (with some amazing costumes) and cat lovers. So naturally, we click.

For those who have shot with me, you may know about my weird games and prompts. They are designed to keep you engaged (no pun intended) and just thinking about something other than “oh my gosh there is a camera pointed at us.” I always love when couples learn something new about each other while we are playing around. For example, Alyssa might have learned that Tom has a nerd blind spot for Lord of the Rings. It’s ok, we all have one somewhere. Mine is novels (despite being an English Major). If it doesn’t have dragons in it or it’s not written in Middle English, not interested. And yes Tom, it’s true, the Eagles flying in at the last minute could have come way earlier. Fair enough 😉

For real though our session just flew by and I was totally frazzled when the sun set because I was having so much fun I didn’t wanted to session to end! I am SO looking forward to Alyssa and Tom’s Monterey Wedding even more now because their laughing faces just makes my heart happy. They gave me such gratitude that I get to meet such amazing, spirited and joyful people.

If you’re looking for more bay area engagement photo ideas besides these Oakland engagement photos, check out Daniel and Madhu’s SF City Hall Wedding 🙂

  1. Audrina Smith says:

    I love your style. I’m curious what tkmenof day and year did you take these photos?

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