Nov 11, 2018

Kelly and Kevin’s San Carlos Wedding at Domenico Winery

I set Kevin in his spot for the First Look and could tell he was a little nervous. We were waiting for Kelly to come down. Getting ready always takes just a few extra minutes. I went back inside to make sure Kelly knew where we were. She was coming down, crying and trying really hard not to–happy tears and overwhelmed that this is really happening.  Take a second. Breathe. Her sister came over to squeeze her hand, give her a hug, some extra tissues and some tough love that crying would mess up her makeup. Kelly took another breath to settle in and laughed. Now she’s ready. Let’s go see Kevin.

I’d spent enough time to know that with these two, this moment was huge and emotional and overwhelming, but that once they were together those nerves would disappear. More tears to come, maybe, but even more so the fun, lively party-all-night-celebration that embodies the vibrant, sassy, romantic love these two have.

From that morning at the Pullman Hotel to their San Carlos wedding at Domenico Winery Kelly and Kevin tied the knot in the best way possible. Events by Brea thought out amazing details. They were surrounded by all their friends and family. The ceremony was quick to the I Dos so they could get to the celebration and the oh-my-gosh-finally-we-are-married part. The spirit of the day reminded me of my own cousin’s wedding–the one that made me want to be a wedding photographer those years ago. The closeness of their families and joy in which they celebrated made it truly a day to remember. I felt like even as the wedding photographer I was a part of that and that’s the kind of stuff that makes me do what I do!

Thanks Kelly and Kevin for making me feel like your family. I can’t wait to see you all again soon for Melissa and Moe’s wedding!

Dream Team


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  1. […] You can just tell how much they make each other laugh. Their wedding was full of high fives, victory dances and so so much fun. I had photographed some other weddings in their group of friends, which personally made it even more of a party to celebrate with the whole crew. There’s nothing like seeing your married couples years later in the wedding party! Shoutout to Kelly and Kevin! […]

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