Dec 5, 2018

San Francisco Engagement Photographer: Pier 7 Engagement Photos

While the briskness of SF winter exhaled down our necks a bit, Moe and Melissa’s Pier 7 Engagement Photos could not have been more fun. I feel like I say that a lot, but like literally I get to meet the best people. And part of my whole process with Engagement Photos is just that–getting to know each other. Sometimes we only have 10 minutes on a Wedding Day to spend together on couples portraits so the Engagement Session is kinda my way of breaking the ice, hanging out, building trust and getting to know your vibe as a couple! Oh ya, and creating some kick ass images! Duh.

Moe and Melissa were a bit of a unique case because well, we were buddies already. Of course we’d hit it off when we met up to talk weddings, but I also had the chance to hang with them a bit at Melissa’s cousins wedding! Recognize them? Ya, gorgeousness runs in their family. 😉 Of course on a Wedding Day things can be cray so I really cherished the time Moe and Melissa gave me at their Pier 7 Engagement Photo Sesh.

After being together over 10 years, you really know each other well. I play a little game. You both have to think of a word (a random one), say it out loud at the same time and then try and both think of the same word between what those words is. You play until you say the same word. EXCEPT WHEN YOU GET IT ON THE FIRST TRY. No joke. Moe and Melissa–respect. You win. For life 😉

Oh and thanks for standing by me as I laid down on the ground outside the Ferry Building to get that ring shot. You can let everyone know I’m crazy. There’s more where that came from and I can’t wait to party it out this summer with you two again! Cheers!



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